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Decentralized authentication of physical goods.

An open source standard bridging the physical and digital worlds.


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Physical Backed Token (PBT) is a new Ethereum token standard based off of ERC721. It ties a physical item to a digital token.


Traditional authentication systems rely on centralized servers — PBT is different. The authentication process is decentralized from its core with a standard that's based on using a chip capable of self-attestation via an asymmetric public-private key pair.


PBT is intentionally unopinionated about the experience you build with it. From unlocking digital experiences to participating in real life quests to trading authenticated items — PBT sets a neutral foundation to build experiences upon.

Open Source

PBT is completely open sourced and available for the community to build upon freely. It is released under the MIT License. We encourage open discussion and discourse on the technology.


As a token standard on Ethereum, no single entity has singular rights to authenticate items or verify ownership — all are free to authenticate, verify, and build experiences on top of the technology.

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PBT is open source and released under the MIT License.